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Based in Naples, Moving Project executes moves on the entire national territory and on any continent with guaranteed excellent service and very good rates. In order to offer this excellent service , it cooperates with a team composed of expert and skilled professionals that guarantee both courtesy and perfect service in total respect of the agreed deadline and with total care for goods.
Our professional packers and movers take the utmost care and use the best materials available in order that every item arrives at its destination in perfect condition.
One of our most advanced specialization is the transportation of works of art and antique furnitures: we have been collaborating for a long time with museums, galleries, antique dealers, and private collections using the most advanced technologies.
We offer customized furniture storage service in Naples and on more than 90 nations. Moving Project, one step more.

imballaggi con la massima cura traslochi in tutta la campania e in tutt'italia

Watch our promotional video and you can easily get an idea of ​​ours professionalism and the services we offer to our customers.

We transport in all the continents

We carry out transport throughout Italy and on all continents, always guaranteeing maximum punctuality and maximum care of your goods.

Maximum transparency for the customer

With Moving Project you will always have the maximum transparency and never bad surprises. We manage your move from the estimate to the delivery always according to the agreements made.

Cutting-edge equipment

We have never spared the purchase of the best equipment and vehicles that enrich our fleet, this is one of the strengths.

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We are so sure of being able to meet your needs that we offer you the opportunity to request a free quote.

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We don't move things…. we move your dearest possessions. And we do it with the utmost skill and expertise.

Domestic & National Moving

We don't move things... we move your dearest possessions. We know that every one of our clients' possessions, even the smallest and seemingly insignificant, is often a precious memory that must be handled with the care and attention used with works of art. As a result, our professional packers and movers take the utmost care and use the best materials available in order that every item arrives at its destination in perfect condition. Every phase of the preparation, the transportation, and unpacking receives our maximum attention and the clients have all our expertise available to resolve any problem that may arise during the packing, shipping, and delivery process. We use multifunctional trucks with flatbeds, lift-gates, and cranes. We offer guarantees with top insurance companies in order to cover the risks associated with any moving operation.

Fine arts

Wherever there is Art, Moving Project is there
The transportation of works of art and of antique furniture both domestically and internationally is one of Moving Project's primary activities. We have been collaborating for a long time with museums, galleries, antique dealers, and private collections.
Our very advanced specialization has allowed to distinguish ourselves in this very particular transportation field.
We use the most advanced technology,the most qualified employees and a modern fleet of vehicles specially equipped for the transportation of these unique works

International Moving

A World without Borders
Due to our extensive network of agents and representatives, the Moving Project can execute moves on any continent with guaranteed excellent service.
In order to offer this excellent service, we work only with other professionals in the field of shipping and moving who share our philosophy of quality and courtesy.
Wherever our client is planning to move, we organize the move based on that client's unique needs, taking special note of any cost and time restraints.
We offer international land, maritime, air moving services, guaranteed to be both punctual and easy. We also assure our clients the best advice and assistance with customs and insurance.
In addition to our collaboration with the best European moving companies, we also handle weekly shipping of containers and door-to-door pick-up and delivery between the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Luxemburg

Office removal

A company in support of companies
Our long experience in the moving business allows us to offer not only private users but also companies a complete and efficient removal service in particular takes account of the particular operational needs of our customers and differentiate this area from that of private.
Our technicians offer a complete service and careful planning advice for a perfect move to ensure the continuity of the Company:
Our service includes:

  • Cataloguing of documents on magnetic media practices
  • Packing and practical furnishings
  • Insure all risks "door to door
  • RCT insurance (third party liability) ceiling of EUR 1 million
  • Luggage furnishings and practices for short and long periods
  • Disposal of paper, furniture and obsolete equipment
  • Packaging and special handling (equipment, machinery, safes,)
  • Dismantling and reassembling furniture and shelving
  • Reset practices
  • Stair Robot and External Lift Rental

    We go higher and higher!
    We have a large and modern fleet of equipment for any need of moving and lifting goods. we rent with our skilled operators to ensure maximum safety and efficiency during all phases of operation.
    In fact, for the most delicate and complex, it is absolutely necessary to have the best tools, technology and the most suitable for specific needs. The security is achieved only by focusing on quality and reliability of the means used. It is therefore important that your moving and your handling operations are proposed only tested equipment.
    We move all types of goods, particularly those bulky ones such as heavy industrial machinery, pianos, safes and bulky furniture. Our staff moves with skill and professionalism in any environment, even in tight spaces and is capable of handling goods at each floor level.
    Our offer includes:

  • Elevators for truck mounting heights up to 42 meters
  • Truck
  • mounted articulated platforms
  • Elevators modular heights up to 20 meters
  • Cranes
  • PIANOPLAN (battery-powered truck for handling bulky objects on scales up to 600 kg)
  • Storage

    Do you have furniture or objects for which you don't have any use at the moment? We can store them securely packed and protected both in containers or in our standard plywood storage boxes in our clean, controlled and specially equipped ,warehouses.
    Moving Project has an international network of storage centres which allows to store your goods either in your current home town or at any other storage facility which is closest to your new home.

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